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Australian developer brings NY style Ballsbridge pile

Madeline Lyons – The Irish Times – 15/01/2015

Australian developer brings NY style Ballsbridge pile Island Dining Karen

Karen's frustrations also extend to prejudices she has encountered about being a woman property developer: “The amount of times I have been asked is my husband going to come along to a view a property with me, it’s hilarious.” Her most positive experiences so far have been with women working in the industry – Helen Kilmartin from Minima and Lisa Jones of Porter & Jones kitchens. “You do see them breaking down those barriers, but it’s a challenge.”

Olso - Mespil Road and Ranelagh

Olso Olso Olso Oslo

Lenzie O'Sullivan MRIAI
Architect Accredited in Conservation at Grade II
de Blacam & Meagher

"Your items in OSLO looked (and still look) great. The Minima furniture brilliantly compliments the considered aesthetic of the OSLO Beauty interior”