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Flos - Glo Ball (Suspended) € 185 - € 520
Item Description

The Glo-Ball S seeks to diffuse the maximum amount of light to any indoors setting. When it is illuminated the Glo-Ball appears as a flattened disc, much like the moon.

Available in white, in two different sizes:

  • Model 1: Dia.33 x H.27 cm (including suspension cable H.397 cm)
  • Model 2: Dia.45 x H.36 cm (including suspension cable H.406 cm)
  • Model Mini: Dia.11 x H.8.5cm (including suspension cable H.400 cm)
Also available in a floor version CLICK HERE, table version CLICK HERE, table stand version CLICK HERE or a wall version CLICK HERE to be redirected. 
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