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B&B Italia - Flat C Library System
Item Description

As we all have size requirements in our houses, we need furnishings that despite their size can be positioned in areas of limited space. This is where the concept for Flat C comes from. Designed to house books and a television as well as all hi-fi accessories in the smallest amount of space possible, it also provides a convenient solution for electrical wiring and arranging the wires in cableways. Flat C is only 25 cm in depth: the thickness of the shelves and sides has been extremely reduced, and there are no visibly joined parts.

The Flat C system stands out for the level quality of technology and materials employed. Since all visible joints have been eliminated, it relies on crosspieces connected on the back for its stability. Extruded aluminium is used for structural elements, sides and rear crosspieces, while the shelves are made in lacquered wood. A system of opening cableways effectively solves problems related to electrical wiring and placement of cables.

Due to the number of personalised options available, Flat C. is not available to purchase online.

Please contact Minima for a quotation.