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MDF Italia - Grafo Sofa € 4480 - € 9010
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This sofa is a modular system it comes in eight upholstered elements and three complementary coffee tables allow endless solutions to be developed in accordance to the free, creative interpretation of the customer. Contrasting stitching on the edges available in white, medium grey and anthracite. The folding backrest built into the module ensures height regulation. The structure is made of solid wood and plywood with a base equipped with elastic belts. The filling is in variable density polyurethane foam, polyester padding and down. Coffee table modules are made of aluminium and top in matt white or black Fenix®. Covers for the sofa are completely removable. The system is completed by a wide range of cushions for additional comfort.

Due to the number of permutations and combinations, this product cannot be purchased online. For reference, please refer to the PDF for combination pricing and contact us with specific queries. The 3 fixed sofas that are not combinable with other modular elements ar epriced here.


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