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GUBI - Matégot Bowl
Item Description

Ahead of his time and with a modern spirit, Mathieu Matégot designed his contemporary Matégot bowl in 1953. The characteristic appearance of the transparent metal adds a light expression to this unique and spacious fruit bowl. As for many of Matégot's designs, the Matégot Bowl is trademarked by the solid yet light material Rigitulle; a thin perforated metal sheet tantamount to metal lace, where the inspiration is drawn from the material itself to explore all sorts of expression possible to create.

This luxurious material permitted Matégot to revamp the regular fruit bowl into an artistic and decorative bowl that besides from storing fruit in an elegant way, also acts as a piece of great design adorning any room. The Matégot Bowl is an easy and beautiful way to add a pop of colour to any setting.

Dimensions: Dia.37.5 x H.7.5 cm

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