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Arflex - Bonsai
Item Description
The Bonsai seating collection is inspired by reflections upon Japanese aesthetics and culture.  The seats are characterised by soft, curved forms. These inviting, friendly shapes are reminiscent of the bushes and shrubs, found in gardens all over Japan, that have been cultivated and trimmed in order to create beautiful soft, ‘organic’, cloud-like shapes. In stark contrast, rectilinear wooden platforms supported on low, wooden legs elevate these rounded, upholstered forms above the floor plane. Almost like tokonoma, the practice of placing selected, cherished items such as a bonsai tree, 
upon a horizontal surface in order to create an interior feature, the platforms create a kind of smaller, more dedicated frame within a larger context. Within this ‘frame’ is the presence of other elements such as a recessed stone, for arranging potted plants on or simply a stack of books. The upholstered seats in moulded polyurethane foam are also available with the platforms, realized in wood, painted chocolate, or supported on simple legs, in black metal. 

Please refer to the specification file for the available upholstery options.

This daybed is only available in the following fabrics : Aran, Brest, Cabas, Etoile, Molly, Boucle, Cherie, Lama, Walls, Blog, Hero, Mistral, Steelcut 2, Divina MD.

The product is priced at Fabric Cat.T4 on the website.

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