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MDF Italia - S Table
Item Description

A sound that reminds a shape, a name that speaks for itself: S Table, in which the liquid consonant perfectly tells about the twisted S-shaped stand of this table designed by Xavier Lust.

The creations of award-winning designer actually stand out for the visible tension he gives to his objects, featuring curves inspired by the (de)formation process of metallic surfaces that identifies his whole creative path. The stand, moulded either in Ceramilux or in Cristalplant, technologically advanced, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material, can be crowned by different types of top – in crystal, in wood fiber, marble or in in Cristalplant – to further customise an already unique object.


Round table : Dia.140, Dia.156, Dia.175 cm

Oval Table : 150 x 210 cm 

Height : 73 cm with lacquered wood, resin or reconstructed marble top. 74 cm with marble top. 71 cm with  glass top.

The table is available in a large variety of combinations that are not priced online. Please contact Minima directly for more details. 

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