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Astep - Le Sfere - Model 2109 € 6330 - € 10100
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The Le Sfere collection is a multifaceted, open-minded luminaire system, suitable for illuminating all kinds of spaces with its ambient moonlight, from a modest corridor to exclusive private and commercial settings.

The Le Sfere Chandelier is composed of a circular array of blown opaline glass spheres. Each sphere is held in place by a large Black or Champagne painted aluminium ring-structure. Each ring has a small cut, enabling the spheres to be placed facing downward or upward and thus providing a direct or indirect light composition. Model 2109/14/16 and model 2109/14/24 feature 14 cm blown opaline glass spheres in arrangements sixteen and twenty-four respectively, whereas the sixteen spheres of the Model 2109/20/16 are larger, measuring 20cm in diameter.

Dimensions : ∅ 950 x 70-1600 mm / ∅ 1340 x 70-1600 mm / ∅ 1400 x 70-1600 mm 

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