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Davide Groppi - Pigreco
Item Description

Of all of the geometric figures, a sphere is the closest to perfection.
It is a metaphor for the absolute, the mystery of the universe on a smaller scale.
A crystal ball, imagining what the light of the future will be like.
A changing light, projecting these infinite modulations on the walls and ceiling.
Pigreco is rigorous in its design, putting together two essential, concrete and tangible materials: wood and glass.
The crystal ball, half of which is made of frosted glass, can be positioned as one desires, functioning both as diffusor and convex lens.
There is an invisible LED at the base of the lamp that illuminates the inside of the sphere. How one positions the light creates new worlds on the surfaces around it, offering unexpected light that surprises and moves people.
The light of the future, born from a precious sphere.