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Giopato & Coombes - Dewdrops Chandeliers
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A midsummer night, when the sky was full of stars, Christopher and I were strolling in the park. Our attention was caught by small shining dots in the grass around our barefeet. They were simple dewdrops hanging from blades of grass, hit by the subtle moon light.
This ephemeral moment inspired us to develop a balancing mobile lighting structure which suspends dewdrops in the night.
We were hit by the magic and beauty of simplicity of nature, and our curiosity led us to create an abstract interpretation.
The soft light of the dew drops are supported by an indirect light, emitted upwards by two spotlights, hidden within the brass cones.

Dewdrops Linear Chandelier  - Dimensions

Bolle Circular Chandelier 24 Bubbles - Dimensions

Dewdrops Circular Chandelier - Dimensions

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