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Giopato & Coombes - Soffio Frosted Table Lamp
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Soffio is a lamp of simple and elegant design, characterized by the contrast between the evanescence of one blow that generates the sphere of glass and the solidity of the structure that supports it: as light as a soap bubble, the sphere floating in the air, surrounds the light source.
It’s just one blow, but it has to be perfect! As for Bolle, The Soffio Frosted inverts the perception of the Soffio project. Whereas Soffio play with the emptiness, Soffio Frosted work with the positive volume of the spheres, creating satellites that seem to grow and move together through the space. The Soffio Frosted lamps are hand blown by local Venetian artisans using the  “a lume” technique.

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