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B&B Italia - Oskar
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Oskar is a table seen through the eyes of an architect. It was designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, and this is how he describes its inspiration: “it is named as a tribute to Oscar Niemeyer and this choice, beyond the individual name, reflects my veneration for all great modern architects whose work is a combination of fluidity, sensuality and expression through materials”.

This masterpiece of “classic future” style stands out for its harmonious proportions and the tactile sensations of the different materials and finishes used.

The most evident classic styling element is the use of cathedral glass, make with a technical procedure invented by the B&B Italia research and development department (Centro Ricerche & Sviluppo B&B Italia). Before it is cooled, the glass sheet is put on top of a metal sheet with an imperfect surface that gives it the characteristic movement of fresh plaster.

Thanks to the plasticity of the forms, the top appears to be slightly detached from the legs, almost suspended, which accentuates the combination of materials even more.