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Softline - Planet Sofa € 630 - € 4410
Item Description

Designed by Stine Engelbrechsten with simplicity and functionality in mind, Planet has a calm and comfortable appeal. 

The collection consists of three elements – corner, single and pouf – allowing many combinations that easily fit into your home without being dominating. The following products have been priced below:

Single Element: W.95 x D.95 x H.76cm SeatH.42cm

Corner Element: W.95 x D.95 x H.76cm SeatH.42cm

Pouf: W.95 x D.95 x H.42cm SeatH.42cm

Please consult the PDF & contact Minima for pricing. 

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Softline Felt 847
Softline fabric felty 622
Softline Fabric Felt855
Softline fabric felt 859
Softline Fabric Felt579
Softline fabric felt581
Softline fabric felt624
softline fabric felt 636
Softline fabric felt 846
Softline fabric felt 849
Softline Fabric Felt 858
Softline fabric felt 620
Softline fabric felt 623
Softline fabric felt 629
Softline fabric felt 635
Softline fabric felt 582
Softline Fabric Felt 588
Softline fabric felt 610
Softline fabric felt 619

* For technical reasons there may be slight variations between colours shown online and their appearance on delivered products. This is a characteristic of the natural materials and is not a fault