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Foscarini - Chouchin Mini
Item Description

The “Mini” version enlarges the Chouchin project to offer further composition and placement possibilities. Made from painted blown glass, Chouchin Mini emits a warm, gentle glow and concentrated direct light over a chosen suface.

  • Chouchin Mini 1: Orange – W.17 x H.14cm CableL.190cm
  • Chouchin Mini 2: Green – W.12 x H.24cm CableL.190cm

Singluar unit priced below but its shape is perfect for use in multiple configurations. Please contact Minima with further enquiries. Halogen bulb not included. LED  version also available – please specify when ordering.  

Also available as Chouchin, CLICK HERE, or Choucin Reverse, CLICK HERE to be redirected.

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