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Foscarini - Lumiere 25 € 630 - € 870
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Lumiere 25 is a celebration of 25 years of Lumiere. Rodolfo Dordoni has re-imagined the cult table lamp once more to create an utterly contemporary addition to the Lumiere collection that is still harmonious with its predecessors: Lumiere, Lumiere XXS and Lumiere XXL.

Available in two sizes, with an Aluminium, Black Chrome or Champagne frame, with a special new blown mirrored glass diffuser finish:

  • Lumiere 25 piccola: DifuserDia.20 x H.14cm H.35cm
  • Lumiere 25 grande: DiffuserDia.26 x H.17cm H.45cm

Choice of ON/OFF switch or Dimmer version. Halogen bulb not included.  

Table light also available in a xxs version, CLICK HERE, XXL version, CLICK HERE, and a regular  version, CLICK HERE to be redirected.

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