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Foscarini - Tivu € 130 - € 240
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Tivu is a lamp dedicated to the furnishing aesthetics and functional requirements of modern life. It enables a multiple of uses: the small version is suited for paths of light, beside a bed or above a mirror, while the large version has a more intense focal value, capable of adding character to a whole room. Suitable for both domestic and contract settings, innovative and familiar at the same time, Tivu is set to become a new icon in the world of furniture and contemporary lifestyle.

The light source is completely screened by a semi-transparent element, available in Black or White, through which light is diffused onto the wall and into the room:

  • Tivu piccola: W.17 x D.6 x H.13cm
  • Tivu grande: W.40.5 x D.8 x H.23cm
Tivu is still available in the ceiling version, only in the bigger size.
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