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Rimadesio - Alambra
Item Description

Alambra is a system of sideboards developing a concept of cabinets defined by a total transparency, available with a floor base or with legs and two, four or six doors. Alambra sideboards doors are available with or without horizontal crosspieces. The crosspieces solution was introduced by the sliding panels Stripe and the swing and sliding door Even. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Two compositions have been priced below.

  • Pictures 1 and 2: 4-Door Composition in Black Oak wih Transperant Glass and Crosspieces (W.3024 x D.500 x H.1876cm)
  • Pictiures 5 and 6: 2-Door Fridge Unit in Walnut with Reflective Grey Glass and Crosspeices (W.1308 X D.500 X H.1659cm) 
  • Picture 7: 2-Door Unit in Oak with Transparant Glass and Suspended Drawers (W.1008 x D.500 x H.1516cm)

Please refer to the PDF and contact Minima with further enquiries. 

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