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Foscarini - Allegro (Suspended) € 3200 - € 6850
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Allegro is a collection of hanging lamps created with metal lines that design the light and emit sounds when they touch. The collection name is inspired exactly to this “musicality”. Designed by Atelier Oï in 2007.

There are three versions. Each is a different shape and colour:

  • Allegro Ritimico (Picture 4) - Black: W.75 x H.81cm CableL.490cm
  • Allegro Vivace (Picure 2 & 5) - Brown: W.64 x H.98cm CableL.490cm
  • Allegro Assai (Picture 1 3 & 6) - Gold: W.136 x H.136cm CableL.490cm

Their king size make them perfect to feature large public and private spaces, with a diffused downwards light that reflects off the ceiling. Available in LED or Halogen (Halogen bulbs not included). 

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