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Alias - Sec
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Agile and sturdy, Sec is an impressively adaptable storage unit.  Available as a vertical bookshelf, a movable trolley or as a series of cabinets, Sec can be adapted to fulfil an enormous range of functions at home or in a commercial setting.

This modular storage system, designed by Alfredo Haberli, has a frame made from extruded aluminium elements. The components are in steel, glass, methacrylate and wood, available in 5 heights, 3 lengths, and 3 widths. The shelves, drawers and flap doors are made of sheet steel stove enamelled in different colours: white, black, ochre, grey and graphite grey. Glass shelves can be had in three versions: transparent, printed, green.

This variety means the system can be put together in an infinite variety of combinations. As such it is not possible to buy directly from the website. Please contact Minima directly with queries.