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Master of the House 

by Vicky Winter

for Social&Personal

Unless you live in a high-rise penthouse in the centre of the city, with concierge service, it may be difficult to achieve the same cityscape views of a five-star hotel, but there are plenty of ways to replicate the feeling in your very own home. First and foremost, you should always focus on your comfort. Spending less on low-quality furnishings and décor seems foolish when you consider just how much time you spend in your bed each night. If there is one spot in your home in which you can afford to be a little extravagant, this is it.

Established by Helen Kilmartin in 1996 as an interior design consultancy and retailer representing many of the world’s leading furniture, lighting and home accessories brands, Minima has, over the last two decades, worked on leading private and commercial developments in Ireland, Europe and the Americas.

The brief for the project featured on these pages, which Minima worked on alongside Neil Burke Kennedy architect was to create a bedroom suite that looked like it belonged in a luxury hotel. The walls were clad in fabric, with recessed strip lighting and feature lighting that creates interesting patterns on the walls. Following meetings with the client at their home, they spent some time in Minima viewing the furniture, sliding doors, and wardrobe systems on display. Minima prepared drawings and presented the options available before a selection was made. The suite looks and feels very luxurious, but is also very functional.

Behind some of the sliding doors is a laundry area, with washing machine and drier and clothes storage for all the family. The open-plan wardrobe area contains a bath and vanity area clad in Emperador marble.The sofa is by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. The Papilio bed is also B&B Italia. The vanity chair is by Flexform. The wardrobes and sliding doors are by Rimadesio. Minima is also the Irish agent for Creation Baumann fabrics.

In terms of décor, when it comes to the bedroom the general rule is: the simpler, the better. After all, the last thing you need before heading off to a good night’s rest is a hundred different distractions littering your walls and bedside table. Instead, keep it clean and make the décor you have really stand out. In other words, choose key accent pieces that make a statement — such as a large, ornate wall mirror, a detailed chandelier and beautiful bed-toppers.

Before you start decorating the room, you must pay attention to the basics. By definition, the master bedroom is usually the largest one in the house, but there are also other elements that capture the essence of the concept. It normally includes more than just the basic amenities and it’s up to you to decide what they are.

The bed is the main piece in the room, so figuring out the best way to make it fit is important. Try as much as possible to place the headboard on the wall opposite to the bedroom’s entrance. Avoid a diagonal position, as it takes up unnecessary room.

Once you’ve decided on the bed, it’s time to choose the nightstands. Think of the size you want for them, what you need to store in them or keep on top, and the height at which they will be placed. Usually, they sit at the height of the mattress so you can comfortably reach them but you can go with a different approach for stylistic reasons.

You won’t be spending much time in the bedroom during the day, so artificial lighting takes priority in this room. Chandeliers are a nice option, as they can add a glamorous look to the room, but there are also plenty of other options such as sconces, table lamps, cove lighting and, of course, candles for a romantic touch. Pay special attention to task lighting and keep in mind that the light needs to be warm and subtle but not lacking.

It's common for master bedrooms to also include a sitting area. It doesn’t need to be big. This can serve as a quiet area where you can read, contemplate or write. Most often, this will be the corner of the room.

With an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, Minima undertakes to combine contemporary design with antiques and art to create unique spaces offering a single source for furniture, lighting and accessories.

Over the years, Minima has discovered many emerging manufacturers and includes them alongside leading, established brands. A new addition since 2014 is Minima’s online shop with delivery by professional furniture handlers direct from the manufacturers. They also endeavour to price-match their competitors on any product of the same specification.

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