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Emmemobili UFOMaxalto XilosRound tables are the most social of all tables ensuring that groups are inclusive and conversation flows easily, especially for occasions when there are more than six people. The most obvious benefit of a round table is that you are never further away from any guest than the diameter of the table. Another advantage is that because the table edge curves away from you, you can socialise with guests sitting on your ‘side’ without having to lean too far backwards or forwards.

When round tables get larger it can be difficult to know how many chairs are required or what size table is right for your requirements.

Image 1: Emmemobili - UFO

There are two ways to approach the decision. 

Firstly, you could decide how many chairs you want to fit and then select a table to accommodate them. Alternatively, you might already know what size table will fit your room and want to know how many chairs will fit. Either way, we have the answer.

When sitting along a straight edge, a reasonable guide is to allow c.80cm shoulder space per guest. Although this can be reduced to c.60cm for ‘intimate’ occasions, this might be tight for regular use.
Fortunately, at round tables, guests don’t need the same shoulder space as each guest sits at a slight angle to one another so a chair width of 55cm to 65cm is a good rough guide.

Based on these numbers, you could recall your school days and calculate the right table size using pi.

Image 2: Maxalto - Xilos 

An Easier Way...

Thankfully, there is no need for this as Emmemobili have provided Minima with useful visual guides to choosing the right size and conveniently, it includes approximate chair widths which ensure that there will definitely be enough room to go round.

130 - 135  140 - 160180 - 200

The only real disadvantage to using round tables is that when they get very large, it can be difficult, if not impossible to reach the other side or even the centre in extreme cases. Thankfully, Emmemobili have thought of this an offer a ‘lazy susan’ which is compatible with all of their round tables.


210 - 220230 - 240250 - 300

Just in case you still want to use pi, here is a simple guide.

If you want to sit 8 guests, multiple 8 by the approx. seat width, say, 60cm.   8 x 60cm= 480cm.   Then divide this number by 3.14 to get an approximate diameter of 152cm.

Alternatively, if you can fit a table of say, 180cm, multiply 180cm x 3.14 = 565cm.   This is the table’s circumference.   Now divide this by the approx. chair width (55 – 65cm) meaning you should be able to fit 9 or 10 guests comfortably.

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Image 3: Cassina - LC15 

Cassina LC15

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