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Rimadesio Stripe from Minima

Rimadesio Velaria from Minima
Founded in 1956 by Francesco Malberti and Luigi Riboldi, Rimadesio started out under the name of Rima Vetraria and its headquarters were in Desio, in the northern area of Milan. The two-part name Rimadesio-vetro has been present from the very start when the company dedicated its work to flat panes of glass, primarily working for other furniture companies. A large part of the production process was carried out by hand: engravings, gold-leaf applications and colouring were all done one at a time.

These working methods were matched by a great desire to experiment and the company built up its own technological know-how, and expanded its range of materials to include wood and plexiglass. Innovation is a constant feature of the Rimadesio Collections. The skill to provide original answers for functional requirements, to imagine new solutions for daily use of spaces.

The Vela is a door which can open both ways as it is located in the centre of the jamb and the hinges are located on the bottom and top of the door. The jamb is built into the wall, thereby becoming invisible.

Rimadesio Vela from Minima

Rimadesio Vela from MinimaVela, with pivot opening, comes in two versions: with a patented magnetic closing profile and magnetic lock. Two innovative solutions that take full advantage of a basic physical principle, doing away with the need for mechanisms and always guaranteeing light, silent movements.

Exclusive locks and handles are integral parts of a design that reflects Rimadesio’s constant wish to propose new solutions for internal doors.

Rimadesio also manufacture sliding doors which are suitable as room dividers and for wardrobe systems. Minima is the exclusive Irish dealer for Rimadesio and have a number of products on display in our Dublin showroom.

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