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The Fusion of Old and New

The name I+I defines the ethos of this luxury rug brand available at Minima, suggesting the collision of East and West, tradition and innovation. The company was conceived in 1996 by Paolo Giordano and Silvios Caputo, both Italian architects who discovered their similar aesthetics and ambitions whilst travelling through India. Giordano has stated that his mission is to harness ancient processes in modern ways, and I+I rugs evoke a distinct, bold hybridity in which traditional processes are modernised yet respected.

I+I \'Playing with Tradition\' for the Standard Hotel New YorkYarn Drying - I+I Rugs from Minima\'Playing With Tradition\' rug, exhibition in the Sonneveld House by Richard Hutten

The name I+I acknowledges the dual influence of India and Italy, as well as pleasingly evoking symmetry and the pursuit of harmony through design. I+I\'s harnessing of two cultures and time periods illustrates how a traditional ethnic repertory can be integrated into contemporary visual language.  These statement, quality rugs have acted as the foundation of many of Minima\'s unique spaces.

The company\'s collections of intricate hand-woven rugs trace the evolution of crafts such as weaving and wall-hanging into innovative design, art and luxury.  However, I+I does not merely pay homage to tradition – the design process is very much a collaborative effort, with the pieces designed in Italy and produced using traditional methods in weaving and knotting by hand in India and Nepal. Giordano brands their production \'anti-industrial\', taking pride in the ethical treatment of manufacturers and recognising them as instrumental in providing a fresh perspective on design.  Modern patterns are superimposed onto classic high-quality rugs to create this fusion of old and new.

A standout piece from the new collection is Mashup III, currently on display in Minima\'s Dublin showroom.

I+I Mashup III from MinimaI+I Mashup III from MinimaI+I Mashup III from MinimaI+I Popclassic Polka Dots from Minima

Here, Giordano continues to explore the marriage of the artisan and the avant-garde.  The Mashup collection deconstructs classic Oriental rugs, which are then cut and reassembled into a patchwork pattern.  This cut-and-paste approach is central to I+I\'s dual perspective on Eastern and Western design. Another play on this hybridity is the Popclassic Polka Dots collection, its name suggesting the marriage of timeless quality with graphic imagery.  In hand-woven wool, this rug is a centrepiece for both classic and contemporary interiors.

I+I Mashup III on display at Minima           

Minima is the exclusive Irish dealer for I+I Rugs which are available in a range of sizes, or to custom order, to suit any space.

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Words: Iseult Gillespie Images: I+I Rugs and Minima 

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