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Altus Apartments Showhouse Furnished By Minima

Article in the Irish Exmainer - Pure Corker : Impressive Altus Apartments go on sale for the first time read more



South Dublin Residence furnished by Minima featured in the Spring 2019 edition of the GLOSS INTERIORS. read more


"3 Brilliant Tastemakers Explain What Taste Means To Them" - The Gloss

Does GOOD TASTE exist and, if so, how to define it? Three tastemakers explain WHAT IT MEANS TO THEM …

read more


"Luxe but Low Key" - Alanna Gallagher of the Irish Times

Helen Kilmartin is known for her luxe but low-key look, a contemporary aesthetic that costs a fortune but doesn’t scream money. It looks casually put together. It’s a talent that is 25 years in the making, one that formed when she worked with Irish designer John Hegarty in the late 1980s. read more


Window Dressing by Minima 

We mainly use Silent Gliss track and blinds in our residential and commercial projects. For curtains we use Creation Bauman fabric which we have a wide range of in our showroom. read more


Flash Now Available

Davide Groppi’s new light Flash is now available. Flash and Infinito are part of a new system of lights that allow for illumination along a continuous line. read more


The Investment Wardrobe 

When curating a new wardrobe, all of the pieces should make sense. For example the belt and ties should be close to the shirt and trousers. In theory you can get dress without thinking. read more


New Display 2017 - Roda 

We’ve just received new Roda outdoor display furniture, just in time for summer. The brand Roda came from the concept of ‘In & out’ furniture, read more


New Display 2017 - Avio Sofa

Piero Lissoni an Italian architect, art director and designer, known for his minimalistic design. read more


What Taste Means...

Does GOOD TASTE exist and, if so, how to define it? Three tastemakers explain what’s it means to them...

read more


Salone Del Mobile 2017

Some new exciting items of Furniture/Lighting have been showcased at Salone del Mobile Milan 2017........

read more


Trip to Milan

If you have an upcoming trip to Milan or are just thinking about it, he is a list of places we recommend..... read more


Catellani & Smith Projects

In the last years Catellani & Smith specialized in working on lighting projects, studying tailored solutions for private or public spaces, enhancing all places with its artistic and unique style. You can find a selection of our best works and collaborations below. read more


Gubi Goes Global

The beetle chair by Gubi has taken over and is one of our favorites here in Minima.  read more


The Minimalist interior

The Minimalist interior celebrates the simplicity of design. It is all about paring furniture back to its core function, stripping away the ornamental layers that may be placed on top, striving to use the best and latest construction techniques, and quality materials. read more


Gift Ideas 2016

Here at Minima HQ we are getting into the Christmas spirit by listing our favouite gifts for Christmas 2016. Hint hint!! read more


Creation Baumann Launch

Jean Feeney, Eoin Lyons and Gina Faustino share their bedroom designs read more

Eileen Gray honoured with commemorative stamps

On the 13th of August, An Post issued four stamps in celebration of Ireland’s preeminent furniture designer & architect. read more


Look back to 2011

Les Collections Du Chateau de Gourdon
An important collections of the decorative arts achieves amazing results at auction. Many \'Minima\' pieces sold. read more


Minima NAG collaboration extended

Minima and NAG Gallery\'s collaboration has been extended to January 31st, 2015. read more